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Our Mission

The IFCA Discipleship Institute exists to develop and provide ministry educational materials to the Church of Jesus Christ. The educational materials available through the IFCA Discipleship Institute are designed to be used in a broad range of discipleship settings, including: Sunday School classes, small group gatherings, and Bible studies. The Institute also offers a diploma program to train leaders or for churches that want to offer a structured discipleship experience.

Our Purpose

  • To consistently develop and distribute high quality Bible courses for the teaching and training of God’s people.

  • To empower churches to become centers of ministry training, community development training, and outreach.

  • To enrich our fellowship among the IFCA and affiliated ministries throughout the world.


The Institute utilizes flexible content delivery methods to remove barriers to discipleship training. Students taking classes with IFCA-DI can earn a two-year diploma with a concentration in Pastoral Ministry.


We strongly believe that the growing church needs strong, capable, and Christ-like leaders. We include numerous courses which focus on all aspects of Biblical leadership and development.

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